5G Information

5G is the next generation of wireless technology expected to enable new innovation and markets and foster worldwide economic growth.

Currently, deployment of 5G is limited, and widespread usage is not expected until at least 2022. Multiple providers will be adding facilities to this market over time. The City of Wichita is partnering where possible to provide for the best outcomes in the deployment of the substantial amount of infrastructure that is required for 5G. To the degree possible (the FCC has substantially limited City options) City staff will work on a deployment plan that includes all carriers for citywide deployment of 5G with the best interests of citizens and businesses in mind.

5G has become a topic of public interest due to concerns about public health safety and cyber security. Current science and research does not indicate that specifically 5G causes any health issues for humans. The City recognizes that some individuals and groups may continue to feel skeptical of the science and/or analysis of research; however, under federal law, the City of Wichita does not have the authority to make decisions about wireless communication deployment based on perceived health impacts.

Residents are encouraged to learn more about 5G and its anticipated impact and possible vulnerabilities. Below are a few links to credible sources to help residents expand their understanding of 5G.

·         https://www.cisa.gov/5g

·         https://policy.state.gov/5g/

·         https://www.fcc.gov/5G

·         https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/wireless-devices-and-health-concerns

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