How to Request a Service in AccessWichita

Follow these instructions to request a service in AccessWichita:

  1. From any page, enter text into the search bar. A list of matching topics will automatically display below the search bar.  


  1. Scroll through the list of topics and select the desired topic.

When the topic displays, select the link to open the request form.

  1. When the form displays, enter an address by typing an address, moving the red “pin” on the map to the desired location.  If using a mobile device you may also select Use My Location or Get Location From Photo.

  1. Enter details for the request in the Describe Your Request field.
  2. To add a photo or file to the report:
  • Drag one or more files to the attachments area
  • Or select Click to choose files and browse for the file or files.  
  • If "Get Location From Photo" was used, the photo will already be attached.

Enter your contact information:

If you enter contact information, you will receive status updates for your reports and requests. You may also be contacted if additional information is needed. 

You may chose to remain anonymous by selecting Do not contact me. For anonymous requests, if there is not enough information to complete a request, it will be closed.

  1. After completing the form, check the box next to "I am not a robot" and then select Submit Request.

If you requested to be contacted by email you will receive an email confirming that the request has been opened. If you requested to receive texts, then you will receive a text confirmation.

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