How to Allow Automatic Addresses on Service Requests

When opening service requests, you may select to use the current location or to use the location from a photo. Using the location-from-a-photo option allows you to quickly snap a picture at a location and then later enter a service request for that location even though you are no longer there.

To use these features, location services must be turned on. To turn them on, follow the steps below:

If using an Android device:

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.

2. Tap Location. The icon will turn white or blue to indicate that Locations are enabled.

If using an iOS device:

For both the "current location" and "location from a photo" options:

1. Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

2. Tap the on/off indicator if it is not already on.

To allow the "location from a photo" option:

1. On the same screen, scroll down and tap "Photos."

2. Tap "While Using the App."


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