Water Outages Map

Customers affected by an outage don’t need to do anything, as the repair is completed in a way that protects the quality of the water. When water comes on after an outage, some air may be introduced to the line which will cause a cloudy appearance. Customers can run the water in their home for 5 minutes and it will clear up. If it persists for several days, then call us at (316) 262-6000.

The Water Outages Map shows the location and details of water outages in the City. Both scheduled and unscheduled outages are displayed on the map. Note that unscheduled outages may take up to an hour to display. Select the link below to view the map:

Water Service Outages Map

Water outages are shown as red squares on the map.

Tap on or click once on a red square to see the outage area boundaries and the estimated outage start and end time. If using a mobile device, swipe in the details window to view the entire text within the window.

To check for outages at a specific location, enter the address or intersection into the search bar located in the upper left area of the screen. The map display will zoom to that location on the map.

If water service is interrupted but does not display on the map as an outage, re-display the map after about an hour to check again. If there is still no water service and no outage displays, please report the outage by calling 316-262-6000.

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