Required Installation of Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices must be installed wherever reverse water flow could allow contaminants into the City water supply, including lawn sprinkling systems.

Devices must be installed and then tested annually by licensed contractors.  Devices must also be rebuilt every five years by licensed contractors.  The contractors who test and rebuild devices report updates to the City of Wichita.  Failure to complete the required tests or rebuilds may result in water service interruption or fines.

When a system requiring the device is disconnected, the device removal must be completed or verified and reported to the City by a licensed contractor.

For more details about backflow prevention devices, select the link below.

Backflow Cross Connection Control

 To view applicable City code regarding backflow prevention devices, select a link below.

Sec. 17.08.050, Lawn Sprinkling Systems, Backflow Prevention

Sec. 17.10.120, Testing and Rebuilding of Backflow Devices

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