About AccessWichita

What does AccessWichita do?

The AccessWichita site gives you access to City services and information. Use the site to report non-emergency issues, enter service requests, and explore information about the City.

  • Report issues like: graffiti, tall grass, or a broken curb or gutter
  • Request Services like: ditch grading or right-of-way tree limb removal
  • Get Information on topics like: business licenses, Park and Recreation activities or water billing

AccessWichita also lets you see important information quickly

AccessWichita immediately shows valuable information like:

  • Important alerts like street closures or water outages
  • City announcements and upcoming events
  • Recently opened reports and requests

How do I get started?

  • Create an AccessWichita account to quickly open, review, or update service requests and reports. If you choose not to create an account, you can still open and update service requests and report issues.
  • Select “Help” to find detailed instructions on searching for information, issuing reports, and creating requests.
  • Select “Contact Us” to email call us for additional services, questions, or to give feedback. We welcome your comments and suggestions.